Bus and Truck Seminar in Nairobi

AFAL conducted a Bus and Truck Seminar for 25 people from nine companies on July 13 at the Tripple O’s Hotel Utawala, a suburb of Nairobi. Charles Mbithi, C&I Manager, conducted the training with a customer centric approach and was able to cover many topics through an interactive session. The companies have fleets of vans, trucks and buses, with some running exclusive garages for their fleets’ maintenance.

Most of the participants were existing Caltex customers who require upgrading their current oil-grade to higher grades. They expressed interest in understanding the following topics: grades of oils, types of greases, technical specifications of oils and their performance, cost implications of using different oils, hydraulic oil grades, OEM specifications and oil manufacturers’ claims, and handling of used oil.

July 13, 2022