Africa Fuels & Lubricants LTD (AFAL) has signed a distribution agreement with Chevron Lubricants, owner and producer of Chevron, Texaco and Caltex-branded lubricants and one of the global leaders in fuel and fuel additive technology. The agreement gives AFAL authorized distributor status for lubricants under the Caltex brand.

The company in keeping with its mandate, to pursue the oil and gas opportunities in Africa, has its main operational headquarters along Mombasa road’s Mudher Industrial park go-down Number 5 in Nairobi Kenya. In addition to this AFAL also has branch and distribution networks across the country in major cities and towns such as Mombasa, Eldoret and Kisumu.  Beyond Kenya, AFAL has a branch and warehouse in Uganda’s city of Kampala which comprises part of its distribution network.

AFAL’s existing distribution and logistical muscle is further reinforced by virtue of it being a subsidiary of the oil and gas logistics giant Tristar Group LLC based out of Dubai with operations across Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Far East and Central America. This allows AFAL the ability to extend the parent company’s logistical muscle to its clients when need be in support of its own expansive network to ensure access to more markets.


To be the leading oils and lubricants marketer in Africa.


To improve the quality of life in Africa by providing quality oils and lubricants that fuel everyday lives in accordance with the highest health and safety standards.