AFAL expands fuel stations in Kenya to 11 locations

Tristar Group subsidiary Africa Fuels & Lubricants LTD (AFAL) will be operating its 11th fuel station in Kenya with the Mtwapa outlet in Kilifi County. In October, two stations were launched on Jogoo Road in Nairobi City County and in Isinya in Kajaido County. Both outlets have a potential sales of >100 metric cubes with a traffic count of >300 daily.

Senator Betty Montent, the guest of honor of the Jogoo Road station opening, congratulated Tristar Kenya for securing a site with great visibility and for creating job opportunities. For the Isinya location which is along the busy Kiserian-Isinya Road in Kajiado County, the Deputy Governor, Martin Moshisho, inaugurated the station with Tristar East Africa Regional CEO Iyer Srinivas.

AFAL’s 8 other stations are located in Kajiado County (Rongai and Kiserian), Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, Nyeri, Eldama Ravine and Muranga. “More stations are expected to be launched both in Kenya and across Uganda, steadily increasing AFAL’s footprint in East Africa, providing end to end solutions for both fuels and lubricants,“ announced Srinivas Iyer.

AFAL’s first fuel station in Uganda is located 60 km from the capital Kampala along Masaka Road which connects the country to Rwanda. AFAL also operates six consumer pumps in Uganda.

Mr. Evans and Mrs. Irene Kagwi, station dealers of the Jogoo Road branch, also attended the inauguration. The Kiserian-Isinya Road’s outlet opening was also graced by Senator Samuel Seki of Kajiado County, and Mr. and Mrs. Murumba, the station’s dealers.

October 30, 2022