Trainings and Activations in Kenya and Tanzania

The AFAL Regional Marketing Team has conducted a total of 34 training and activation days in promoting Caltex lubricants in Kenya and Tanzania in the first quarter. In Kenya, the 16 mechanics’ meetings have covered the Central, Western and Coast regions which had a direct reach of more than 1,500 people who participated in an in-depth lubrication seminar. In the period February 1 to March 30, more than 160 different shop counters were activated. The activations provided great awareness on Caltex lubricants with most people across the various towns calling for frequent market storming.

The 18 days of activations in Tanzania held between February 27 to March 18 covered 846 outlets. The on[1]ground team reported that the “target audience was very happy for the return of Havoline and Delo engine oils,” and added that, “many customers have enjoyed the return of Caltex products and have praised them as the best quality lubricants in the market’.


March 30, 2023