Corporate Questions

What is Africa Fuels & Lubricants Limited?

Africa Fuels & Lubricants Ltd is the Authorized Distributor of Caltex Lubricants in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern DRC, and South Sudan.

Why is Caltex coming back in the Kenya market?

Caltex Lubricants have been re-launched in the Kenya market through an appointed distributor, Africa Fuel & Lubricants Limited ( AFAL), because of continued demand for Caltex Lubricants in the Kenya market. .

Are the Caltex Products Genuine or Counterfeits?

Caltex Products distributed by AFAL are genuine. All the products distributed by AFAL are blended and packaged by Chevron and have Chevron batch numbers for traceability purposes.

Is the Quality of the Products the same as before?

Caltex products supplied by AFAL are blended and packaged by Chevron. AFAL’s role is to distribute Caltex Lubricants in the East Africa region.

Where is the source of the Caltex Lubricants?

Caltex Products are sourced from Chevron blending plants as nominated by Chevron such as UAE, Egypt and South Africa.

Shall Caltex make the products in Kenya?

Currently, Chevron has no plans of blending locally.

When are Caltex Services Stations going to be put up?

Currently, Chevron has no plans to put up Caltex Service Stations.

Was there a re- launch of Caltex Products?

Yes, there was a re- launch of Caltex Lubricants on 2nd October 2012 hosted by AFAL at the Nairobi Museum of Kenya. The function was hosted by Chief Executive Officer of AFAL, Eugene Mayne. The Guest of honor, Minister for Trade Honorable Moses Wetangula, was represented by his Assistant Minister Honorable Manson Nyamweya. The Chevron delegation was headed by General Manager of Chevron Lubricants in Africa, Middle East, and Pakistan Mr. Trevor Stallbom. Assistant Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Honorable John Mbadi was also a special guest on behalf of the Prime Minister Honorable Raila Odinga.

How do I contact Africa Fuels & Lubricants Ltd?

You can contact AFAL on Landline No. 020 2588899 and mobile phones numbers 0703 882891 and 0731871903

Is Africa Fuels & Lubricants Ltd employing?

At the moment they are fully staffed. New vacancies will be advertised in the local daily newspapers?

Product Related Questions

Are Caltex Fuels and Gas available?

The AFAL distributorship Agreement with Chevron is limited to Lubricants only.

Shall Caltex Products be available throughout?

Yes. AFAL hold stocks of Caltex Lubricants in its warehouses in Kenya and in UAE and assures customers of supply reliability for Caltex Lubricants.

Is Caltex full range of products available including Grease, Brake Fluid, Greases, Coolant, Automatic Transmission Fluids?

At the moment the available stocks are Engine Oils. The complete product range is expected to be available by mid 2013.

Is the Starplex Grease and Brake Fluid in the market from Caltex?

AFAL has not yet imported Starplex Grease and Break Fluid and cannot vouch for the Starplex Grease and Brake Fluid currently in the market. AFAL expects to have these products stocked by mid 2013

Does Caltex have Motorcycle Oil?

Yes. Caltex has 2 Stroke products called Havoline Plus 2T and Havoline Plus 4T. However, these products are not yet available in Kenya and there are plans to import them into the Kenya market by mid 2013.

Caltex used to have � litre of Havoline & Delo. Are these packs going to be available?

The � Litre packs are no longer going to be available in Delo and Havoline range, instead the smallest pack is 1 litre.

The Caltex Products are in different packs than the one we used to know. Are these genuine or counterfeits?

The new packages for Caltex Products are genuine. Chevron has introduced new packaging globally and all Caltex products distributed by AFAL come in new packages.

The labels on the packs on one side are in Arabic, what does it say?

Caltex lubricants manufactured in the Middle East have both English and Arabic labels. The Arabic label is a translation of the English one.

When is Caltex starting to use screen printed packs?

Caltex lubricants packages distributed by AFAL shall not have screen printed labels.

Are there Caltex Products in the old packs?

All Caltex Lubricants supplied by AFAL are in new packages.

Does Africa Fuel & Lubricants Limited deliver products?

AFAL can deliver the lubricants to sub- distributors but will levy delivery cost to sub- distributors.

How can I pay for Caltex Products?

You can pay for Caltex Lubricants to AFAL through any of the following options:
i. Through AFAL NIC Account
ii. Through M Pesa to AFAL NIC Account
iii. Cheque payments – deliveries to be made only after sighting of funds
iv. Secured Credit
Please contact AFAL on landline No. 020 2588899 and mobile numbers 0703 882891 and 0731871903 for further clarifications.

What are the prices of Caltex Products?

Please contact Africa Fuels & Lubricants Limited on the following telephone numbers for the relevant products prices: Landline No. 020 2588899 and mobile numbers 0703 882891 and 0731 871903

What is required to open a trading account to buy Caltex products?

To open a trading account with AFAL, you are required to provide Certificate of Registration, PIN, VAT registration, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Directors IDs.

What are the credit terms?

Credit terms are according to AFAL credit policy. For further details please contact AFAL on landline No. 020 2588899 and mobile numbers 0703 882891 and 0731 871903

What is the minimum quantity that I can buy?

AFAL has appointed sub distributors countrywide. To qualify as a sub- distributor, you are required to purchase a minimum of 5 Tons per month.

Are there discounts on Caltex Products?

Discounts are subject to AFAL terms and conditions. Please contact AFAL on Landline No. 020 2588899 and mobile numbers 0703 882891, 0731 871903

Sales Related Questions

Where can I get the products in Kenya?

In all major towns Caltex products are available at all major lubricants stockists. Some of our stockists are listed below:

Nairobi – Atlantis Auto Spares, Kirinyaga Road
Tel No : 0714 900675

Nairobi – Mau Summit Autoparts & Lubricants,
Kirinyaga Road. Tel No: 0721 605660

Nairobi – Jesmiras Lubricant Limited ,
Racecourse Road. Tel No 0722 492720

Nairobi – SPL Lubes, Racecourse Road
Tel No : 0722 709128

Nairobi – Service Parts Centre, Dunga Road
Tel No : 0722 528566

Thika – Express Thika
Tel No : 0733987367

Nakuru – Nakauto House (K) Ltd
Tel No : 0722 828616

Eldoret – Multilog Technology
Tel No : 0722 411898

Kakamega – Atilam Teramouldings Co. Ltd(A.T.C)
Tel No 0734585160

Bungoma – Fivestar Auto Spares
Tel No : 0724 566666/055-30296

Kisumu – Euro Spares & Accessories
Tel No : 0726 793645

Nyeri – Nyeri Motor Services Ltd
TelNo 0722 523128

Nanyuki – Millenium Dealers Limited
Tel No : 0722 273485

Kericho – Kericho Motor Works
Tel No : 0720 766682

Kerugoya – Arim Auto Spares
Tel No : 0725 056411

Kitui – Junior Auto Tel No : 0722 638429

Brand Support Related Questions

Where are the service stickers?

The Caltex lubricants Stockist will provide service stickers for purchases of Caltex Lubricants.

Will Caltex brand my shop with the new look packs?

AFAL will brand appointed sub-distributor shops

Will Caltex provide my shop with Caltex branded lubricant display unit to display products?

Request for Caltex-branded Lubricants displays should be directed to AFAL on landline No. 020 2588899 and mobile numbers 0703 882891, 0731871903. Your will be evaluated and acted upon accordingly.

Does Caltex have an Equivalents Chart?

Yes, AFAL has developed a chart of equivalent competitor lubricants in the market and this is available with the Stockst.